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How We're Getting the Budderfly Warehouse to Net Zero by 2023


There’s so much that sets Budderfly apart: our unique business model that aligns business success and environmental impact, our innovative technology, our energy efficiency expertise. But something you may not know is that one key part of our success is the Budderfly Warehouse! Our Connecticut-based warehouse stores over 100 different types of energy equipment—including LED lights, HVAC units, custom client fixtures, and so much more.

Our warehouse allows us to store high volumes of equipment, so we can quickly implement installations for our clients. It’s also a place where we can test out new energy-saving strategies and learn more about how to increase buildings’ energy efficiency.

At the warehouse, we practice what we preach and to incorporate our passion for energy efficiency into our daily operations. That’s why we’ve made a goal to get our warehouse to net-zero emissions by the end of 2023, and we’re already implementing several big projects to get us there. Here are some of the innovative things going on at Budderfly’s warehouse.

New building insulation

We’re giving our warehouse a new coat! The team is currently installing new, state-of-the art insulation that uses two layers of polystyrene foam in our walls that are filled with concrete. This will add at least R30 insulation to our walls. We’re even digging below the ground to increase insulation from below. Plus, we had custom windows made with double layers of glass to maximize the insulation of all windows and doors, with added natural light where possible.

We've also implemented a brand-new roof with between an R50 to R60 insulation value. Part of this used creative roof hugger systems to support the polyiso insulation layers. We coated the inside of half the roof with closed cell spray foam from underneath, and the balance of the roof has 3 layers of polyiso covered by a white TPO roof, which reflects the sun on the entire roof.

Insulation is a critical part of energy efficiency. By keeping in warm air in winter, and keeping out warmth in the summer, insulation can dramatically reduce the amount of work HVAC units need to do while maintaining a comfortable environment.

Electric Vehicles

Every warehouse uses forklifts to move heavy objects, and we’re happy to say ours are powered by electricity. They’re a green alternative to forklifts that tend to require fossil fuels.

Solar Power

Our warehouse is more than 60K square feet, and there’s a lot of space on the roof. We’re not letting all that real estate go to waste: we’re currently working on installing solar panels all across the warehouse roof, using the Connecticut sunshine to help generate energy. Plus, did you know solar panels can make energy even on cloudy days? That means our solar panels will be doing great work all year round.

Solar will cover approximately half the roof soon, and we have plans to expand that coverage to help power 10 to 20 EV chargers for our forklifts and other vehicles.

Big Ass Fans and LED lights on the ceiling 

Large ceiling fans—like the ones we’ve installed from Big Ass Fans, whose name we love—are a great way to cool open spaces without an HVAC, or to reduce the amount of work your HVAC has to do so you reduce emissions and save on energy bills. Our warehouse fans are extremely powerful and create a nice cool airflow using less energy than air conditioners. We also have updated LED lighting fixtures to keep our warehouse bright when necessary, and these use significantly less energy than standard bulbs.


We are implementing geothermal energy in the entire facility to power the heating and cooling. This renewable source will replace gas completely, and will remove higher demand charges that pure electric heat would create—even with solar.

 At Budderfly, we’re passionate about reducing the energy consumption of business locations to help the planet, and our warehouse is no exception. These are just a few examples of ways we’re working to reach net zero within the next year. There are even more projects we have in the works, and we’re excited to reach our target and help do our part to reduce global emissions.  If you’re in Connecticut, you can drive by and see all the progress happening in Milford, right off I-95.


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