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Saving Energy and Saving the Earth. It's Not a One Day Job!

“Earth Day is every day!”

Someone says that every Earth Day, right? A lot of businesses make that their Earth Day message. They may even try to make it part of their mission. At Budderfly, we make saving energy to help save the world our entire business model. And all those companies who wish they could make a real, green, powerful difference for the environment every day? We pay for them to actually do it.

When businesses partner with Budderfly, we provide the capital, the technology, and the ongoing expertise for their energy efficiency transformation at no out-of-pocket cost. This removes the budgetary barriers that all too often keep mom & pop businesses, cash-strapped companies, and nonprofit institutions from taking advantage of cutting-edge energy efficiency technology and services. So instead of making excuses, they can make the change.

What kind of change? The kind that makes a real positive difference to their operations and their planet. They minimize energy use and emissions with LED Lighting and high-efficiency HVAC systems. They cut food and energy waste with constant refrigeration monitoring. And all of their energy-using systems are metered and managed by Budderfly to achieve optimal performance using as little energy as possible – 24 hours a day, 365 Earth Days a year.

The solutions Budderfly provides make every location we serve an Earth Day leader, doing good for the environment just by doing business. Every salad they serve makes the world a little greener. Each pair of running shoes that goes out the door helps shrink their carbon footprints, and everyone refueling at our convenience store partners is making a smart choice for the planet, no matter which pump or cooler door they go to.

This even helps the facilities Budderfly serves to move toward greener sources of power generation, such as solar and geothermal. By increasing energy efficiency in restaurants, schools, retail stores, and commercial properties of all sorts, we don’t just reduce their daily usage; we reduce the total amount of energy they require to operate and serve their customers. That opens the door a little wider for the adoption of new, cleaner renewable power sources. A business (or a city) can’t switch to relying on a renewable energy solution if the new source can only meet 70% of their power needs, even if they really want to. But when efficiency solutions like those provided by Budderfly cut usage by over 30%, that alternative source becomes much more viable.

Energy efficiency isn’t a one-day job, but starting on day one of our relationships with our customers, Budderfly delivers benefits: savings, technology upgrades, and a clear path to keep on getting greener and more efficiency for years to come. Budderfly makes this a reality, because long-term, measurable, constant improvement is what “Earth Day is every day” should mean for everyone.


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