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Assisted Living Facilities and HVAC Systems: More Than Just Comfort


A lot has been reported regarding seniors in skilled nursing settings and the vulnerability of this population in the era of COVID-19. Even beyond the pandemic, the narrower thresholds of hot and cold temperature controls in the apartments and living spaces of our older citizens are important to ensure the comfort and well-being of this most vulnerable segment of our population.

To the owners and operators of these facilities, assisted living energy management is as much about comfort as it is about medical concerns and facility reputation. Today, the business of energy efficiency for assisted living facilities is an important factor in both the quality of life and a facility’s ability to deliver needed services.

Energy Efficiency Companies Know Where the Cost Is

For decades now, achieving energy efficiency in buildings has allowed owners and operators to considerably lower some of their primary operating costs. Hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and other healthcare providers spend nearly $8.8 billion each year in energy to meet the needs of their patients. Typically, heating, hot water and lighting represent about 72% of these costs. Addressing energy efficiency for assisted living facilities sustainably helps them lower the costs of providing these services.

Older Americans are especially sensitive to even minor fluctuations in room temperatures, humidity and other comfort factors. Energy efficiency companies and contractors adopt a variety of energy-saving solutions – from retrofitting older heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, to installing newer systems that utilize SMART controls to keep residents comfortable and happy. Next-generation HVAC/climate control systems accurately meter and respond to irregularities in temperature, as well as accommodating individual resident needs and preferences with enhanced in-room controls.

Addressing HVAC efficiencies while at the same time addressing the comfort of residents can reduce energy use by 25% in senior communities. In today’s competitive environment, addressing energy efficiency for assisted living facilities allows senior living operators to do more with less. It frees up needed capital for other services enhancements while helping build a reputation for top-quality care and customer satisfaction.

Assisted living facilities, nursing homes and other senior health care facilities are especially vulnerable because having higher energy costs results ultimately in operational losses which in turn can affect quality of life and safety for residents, as well as create staffing issues. Necessary cost cutting due to lack of energy efficiency in buildings can have a significant impact on both the employees of the facility and those that rely on it for their day-to-day living experience.

Create Safe Environments with HVAC in Assisted Living Facilities

When considering assisted living energy management benefits, energy efficiency and/or operational improvements in other areas becomes crucial, in addition to the benefits of HVAC comfort. Having effective lighting in living areas, common rooms, high-traffic areas, restrooms, and even parking lots and walkways is an important factor in achieving not only comfort but safety for all residents, staff, and visitors.

Today’s LED lighting technologies and systems help create well-lit facilities as well as provide additional cost savings that can go straight to achieving energy efficiency in buildings. Additionally, assisted living facilities are constantly working to achieve as close to full occupancy as possible. Considering the number of additional new residents a facility may be able to attract due to upgraded lighting, electrical systems and heating/cooling systems factors becomes key to decision making. Comparing costs in assisted living energy management against those of continuing to lose money on utility costs, the money spent in preparation can have an immediate influence on the quality of life for the occupants of that facility in the long run.

A good quality of life affects many areas of the eldercare facility and impacts the outside opinions and perceptions of family members and the community as well.

Energy Efficiency Companies: The Way to a Cleaner, Safer, and Healthier Environment

There can be little doubt that improving the energy efficiency for assisted living facilities brings extra measures of comfort and care. Energy efficiency companies know that improved efficiency in their facilities allows owners and operators to give their residents more while paying less. It helps reduce illness in residents and provides a greater overall value in their experience.

Intelligent assisted living energy management can have a serious impact on controlling overall energy costs and the comfort and quality of life of those in assisted living facilities. Leading energy management companies utilize integrated technologies and services to achieve these results, notably Budderfly EnergyCloud. They include top-of-the-line equipment replacements and new installations, unique monitoring and analytics capabilities, and energy efficiency expertise that addresses every point of energy consumption in a client’s building. By using real-time data to monitor and regulate HVAC, lighting, and other control points, tangible outcomes can reach 25-30% savings in overall utility and energy consumption costs, while also providing healthier and safer environments for residents and their families.

Taking Control of Your Energy

Upgrading or replacing an HVAC system to be the best in terms of performance and efficiency can reduce overall energy use dramatically. Advanced systems achieve energy efficiency with a high degree of precision and reliability, 24/7/365. The most advanced HVAC units really are extremely efficient, cutting energy usage, maintenance requirements, and more, but they also cost tens of thousands of dollars per unit.

But you shouldn’t let cost stand between your facility’s residents and the benefits of superior HVAC management. And when you partner with Budderfly, the fastest-growing Energy Efficiency as a Service firm, you don’t have to.

When you connect your assisted living facilities to Budderfly EnergyCloud, Budderfly can provide 100% of the capital and assume all risk for total HVAC upgrades as part of a comprehensive efficiency solution. Budderfly provides the funding and labor to get the HVAC systems in a facility running at their best, or to replace them with top-of-the-line new equipment. All installations, upgrades, and maintenance are performed by Budderfly at no cost to customers. Systems are monitored by our unique analytics and metering process, and you can keep track of it all from a desktop or mobile app – all as part of a comprehensive energy efficiency solution.

Sound too easy to be true? Budderfly EnergyCloud is real. It’s already delivering results at over 2,000 healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, schools, and restaurants. Let Budderfly answer all your questions and help you connect to Budderfly EnergyCloud today!


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